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Colorado SEO Design Accredidations

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Colorado

Understanding your a users behavior when they visit your website is important to improving the websites' performance. I perform a deep analytical review of your users habits. This review determines how a visitor arrived on the site, which pages they clicked, how long they stayed on the site, and if they responded to your call to action. Gathering this information is the first step in determining what is working on your site and what is failing. Gathering the information and creating a strategic plan to improve the actions that you desire is a process I call conversion rate optimization.

Conversion rate optimization is imperative to the ROI and overall monetary success of a website. In the end a website is only successful if it is creating qualified leads which contact the business in the form of an email, chat or phone call. Traffic isn't the end game for any website, the generation of qualified leads to your business is goal #1 of a business website.

The design of your company's website, the copywriting, the menus, and CTA's (calls-to-action) all play a huge roll in increasing the chances of a conversion. A website must quickly and effectively communicate your most important message and that message must be in line with the visitors expectations. If the site doesn't answer the questions or fix the problem your visitor will leave and go to your competition. It really is that simple.

It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic — Jeff Eisenberg

Also keep in mind conversion problems may or may not be related to your website. I had a client several years ago and he was telling me that his traffic wasn't creating qualified leads. This was very confusing to me because the numbers on his site had dramatically improved and all of our analytics showed that he should have been seeing double or triple his normal conversions. Needless to say I was confused so we had a conversation about his business practices and within minutes the problem became very clear. The business never answered the phone, they did not have a receptionist, aand they took many days to return a potential customers phone calls. After these fairly obvious problems were corrected, his conversion rate went through the roof.

Due to complexity of possible problems and the customized nature of conversion rate optimization it is very difficult to have a package price. I therfore charge a flat rate of $80 per hour and will quote a full time estimate for all projects upon request.

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Matt did great setting up our new website. He is very helpful and quick on doing any we request. He is currently working on our search engine optimization and is doing Awesome with that as well. We would recommend Matt and his services.
Maria Pate Hayes
Hayes CPA & Associates PLLC